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As a professional Classical and Opera singer, I have gained a lot of experience and had a pleasure of working with a leading conductors, musicians, orchestras,  and stage directors. 

I was fortunate to learn singing with Maestra Patricia McCaffrey, who taught me her supreme technique of singing which I cherish and pass to my students.  

If you would like to refine your singing skills, gain confidence, and achieve your musical goals, whether you are just starting out or are an experienced singer looking to take your skills to the next level, you are welcome to contact me here and to schedule a lesson. 


We will work on: 

  • Breathing and support- learn to control your breath and release any tension or stress in your body, allowing yourself to sing with greater ease and support which is essential for singing with expressiveness and emotion.  

  • Preparation for auditions and performances

  • Working on interpretation and style

  • Song presentation​


The lessons are taught in person at my studio in Luxembourg or online.

To schedule a lesson: 

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